Two Post-Docs in Operationalizing AI Ethics

Artificial Intelligence is used more and more in society, from healthcare to government decisions and recruitment. Along with the rapid increase of AI adoption come increased concerns about the inherent shortcomings of such technologies (e.g., robustness) and the social, and ethical implications. To create AI systems that can properly serve humans, it is crucial to put humans at the centre of the process such that the outcome system behaves in a way that fits the values and needs of people. This poses new challenges both to philosophical work on values and to (responsible) technological development. What (ethical) requirements should these systems adhere to? What does such ‘adherence’ mean and how can we demonstrate and validate claims regarding adherence? How to build AI systems that can be understood by humans and that can align their behaviour with human values? Tackling these challenges requires bridging the gap between philosophy and computer science within AI Ethics.

TU Delft has world-leading expertise in the operationalization of AI Ethics and now looks to strengthen this by hiring two three-year post-docs, one in philosophy and one in computer science, that will be closely collaborating on topics within AI Ethics of their choice.

More details can be found in the vacancies description.

To apply or inqury, please contact Jie Yang:

Postdoc Position - Researcher in Big Data and AI

Summary: We are searching for a motivated postdoctoral researcher to lead the research and development of dataset discovery and data augmentation tools using ML techniques. You will be working alongside a team of excellent PhD & MSc students, and taking part in funding opportunities, in order to build a strong academic CV.

Details: Data-driven enterprises nowadays need to discover, combine and analyze data at the petabyte scale. Data discovery aims at finding a subset of relevant datasets from a data lake that can be combined together and enable deep insights to a given question. Dataset discovery is one of the most intensively discussed data management challenges for big data. The current approaches mostly search for datasets with similar attribute names or overlapping instance values, handling tabular data or hierarchical data that can be transformed into tabular data. The challenges include finding joinable tables or semantically related tables. As part of the Web Information Systems (WIS) section, the data management team at TU Delft is interested in tackling exciting challenges of supporting common data science tasks, such as finding additional data for training or validation, and feature engineering.

The candidate is expected to lead a team in order to develop a novel data discovery system that integrates human knowledge and analytical goals with dataset characteristics, metadata, and quality. The duties of the postdoctoral researcher include authoring top-tier conference papers, supervising master and PhD students, and design or development of open-source data discovery tools.

We are looking for a motivated candidate to join our data management group (Dr. Rihan Hai, Dr. Asterios Katsifodimos). You will be part of a very motivated and vibrant group of researchers. Following TU Delft’s multi-annual strategy 2022-2025, 'health' is now a core domain focus for our faculty and we support young researchers pursuing their next career goals.


  • You are a highly motivated, independent, and enthusiastic researcher (F/M) with the ambition to conduct high-quality, interdisciplinary research bridging qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • You have a PhD in Data management, Data Science, data analytics, Machine learning or a related discipline;
  • You are fluent in English and have good communication skills (essential);
  • You thrive in a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment and look forward to interacting with researchers and experts in different domains;
  • You have experience in developing software tools or systems.

Conditions of employment Salary and benefits are in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement for Dutch Universities. TU Delft offers a customizable compensation package, a discount on health insurance and sports memberships, and a monthly work costs contribution. Flexible and remote work schedules can be arranged.

For international applicants, we offer the Coming to Delft Service and Partner Career Advice to assist you with your relocation. An International Children's Center offers childcare and there is an international primary school.

To apply, please contact Dr. Rihan Hai at

PhD Position - Researcher in Big Data and AI

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a good background in databases, machine learning, and data science. The ideal candidate also has a deep interest in integrating ML/DL in large-scale data lake systems.

Requirements: We are looking for candidates who satisfy the following requirements: an MSc degree with excellent results in Computer Science and Mathematics:

  • Experience in writing python and conducting scientific evaluations through experimentation
  • Solid knowledge in machine learning algorithms and databases
  • Good speaking and writing skills in English. A minimum requirement of a TOEFL-score of 100 or IELTS of 7.0 per sub-skill (writing, reading, listening, speaking) applies to all candidates wanting to pursue a PhD or PDEng programme at TU Delft

Interested candidates should send asap an email including a CV to Dr. Rihan Hai.

Research engineer in Big Data and AI

Summary: we are searching for a motivated research software engineer to lead the development of dataset discovery, data augmentation, and data integration tools using ML techniques. You will be working alongside a team of excellent PhD & MSc students. You will build (or use your existing) experience in working with modern (Big) data and cluster management tools (e.g., Apache Flink, Spark, Valentine, Kubernetes).

This position is a unique and exciting challenge to help create a new ground-breaking technology. Your main goal will be to design and implement open-source software that handles large-scale data and improve Machine Learning pipelines.

  • You are an expert in software development (Python, Java, etc.), and you have a good habit of maintaining the documentation of your code.
  • You will be working in a team with doctoral students and researchers. Together you will explore the cutting-edge technologies in Data Management and Machine Learning/Deep Learning.
  • You are fluent in English and can communicate clearly and effectively.

To apply, please contact Dr. Asterios Katsifodimos.

PhD and Postdoc positions on Scalable & Consistent Function-as-a-Service Systems

We are searching for two self-motivated PhD students and one postdoctoral researcher.

We are building a novel programming and execution model for data-intensive cloud applications, guaranteeing consistency and scalability with minimal effort from programmers.

Towards this goal, we perform research on an intermediate representation (IR) for cloud applications, capable of capturing programmers’ intent while being amenable to parallelization and distribution. Under the hood lies Stateflow: a parallel, transactional FaaS system based on streaming dataflows, able to execute general cloud applications. We are now extending Stateflow with the ability to adapt at runtime and sustain low-latency at a high scale.

Apply if you like to work in the broad areas of distributed systems, Cloud computing, programming languages/compilers, and database systems.

To apply, please contact Dr. Asterios Katsifodimos.