We offer students education that prepares them for a leading role in science and engineering of information systems. This includes sharing our passion for topics from user modeling, Web science, information retrieval, data management, data science, data engineering, natural language processing, Web engineering, user interaction, human computing, and human-AI interaction. Below you will find a list of all of our teaching activities.

TU Delft students can find all information on education in Brightspace.

Bachelor courses
Course Code Course Name Nr of credits Lecturer(s) Period Year
CSE1500 Web and Database Technology 5 ECTS Christoph Lofi, Claudia Hauff, Ujwal Gadiraju 2 1
CSE1505 Information and Data Management 5 ECTS Christoph Lofi, Asterios Katsifodimos 3 1
CSE3500 Human Computer Interaction 5 ECTS Ujwal Gadiraju, Myrthe Tielman 3 3
CSE2525 Data Mining 5 ECTS Gosia Migut, Asterios Katsifodimos, Christoph Lofi 2 2
Master courses
Course Code Course Name Nr of credits Lecturer(s) Period
CS4145 Crowd Computing 5 ECTS Alessandro Bozzon, Ujwal Gadiraju, Jie Yang 4
IN4252 Web Science & Engineering 5 ECTS Geert-Jan Houben, Christoph Lofi, Jie Yang 1 and 2
IN4325 Information Retrieval 5 ECTS Claudia Hauff, Jie Yang 3
IN4326 Seminar Web Information Systems 5 ECTS Geert-Jan Houben 1
IN4331 Web-scale Data Management 5 ECTS Christoph Lofi, Asterios Katsifodimos 4
Master specialisation

Master students who like to do a specialisation in WIS are encouraged to select Web Science & Engineering, Information Retrieval, and Seminar Web Information Systems (the last one possibly in their second year). In any case, for help in composing a program, students can always contact Geert-Jan Houben for advice and help.

Special programme within the MSc Computer Science

WIS also coordinates (in collaboration with TPM) the special programme Information Architecture that MSc Computer Science students can choose to follow. Contact Christoph Lofi for more info on IA.

Online Courses

We offer an online class on scalable stream processing, called Taming Massive Data Streams. This online class is part of an online professional certificate Big Data to Insights: Scalable Processing of Large Data Repositories & Streams.