Agathe Balayn

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Delft University of Technology.

My research is focused on uncovering and understanding some of the harms that the deployment of machine learning systems into society can raise. The harms that I study are related to issues of biases in the outputs of the systems, potentially resulting in safety hazards or discrimination and unfairness. While I’m interested in any kind of machine learning systems, my research primarily focuses on the ones using image data –machine learning based computer vision– (or sometimes tabular data) to perform classification or regression tasks.

In my research, I aim at making contributions of varying nature. I develop algorithmic methods –and in some cases UIs to make them more usable in practice– to facilitate the identification of the potential harms of developed systems before they occur, and structured frameworks to foster a systematic reflection about these harms during the development of the systems. Besides, I also study how developers of such systems perceive the harms and their roles in reinforcing or mitigating these.

Prior to that, I had the opportunity to work on other machine learning -related topics pertaining to the automatic detection of hate speech, the automatic translation of Japanese sign language to Japanese, and to the human-guided control of a robotic arm.

I hold an MSc degree in Computer Science from the TU Delft, the Netherlands, and an engineering diploma (with its MSc degree equivalence) in Systems and Control from the ENSTA ParisTech, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, France.

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Visiting address:
Building 28
Room - 040 West 4th floor
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE Delft
The Netherlands