Anne Arzberger

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. With a MSc degree in Interaction Design from the Faculty of Industrial Design Enigneering I aim to bridge between the field of Design and Computer Science. My interests lie in human-machine interaction, especially concerning social and societal implications of such.

My PhD research evolves around identifying, understanding and mitigating negative implications of machine learning systems. This involves uncovering harms as well as knowledge and value gaps in generative models but also entails conceptualizing, prototyping and testing of harm mitigation, and knowledge elicitation and integration tools/workflows.

More information about my projects can be found on my Website.


Picture of Anne Arzberger

Visiting address:
Building 28
Room - 540 West 3rd floor
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE Delft
The Netherlands