Christoph Lofi

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor at the Web Information Systems group of the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS/EWI), Delft University of Technology.

My research is on Semantics-based Data Engineering methods and techniques. The general problem in data engineering is that the source data available to a data-driven system is often not fit for that purpose because data is scattered between different sources, is of low quality, or important semantic information is only implicitly available. This is a central challenge in the arising data-driven economy and a major detrimental aspect in many AI- or Data Science-driven systems. Data processing pipelines are needed to overcome these issues, producing the required target data from the available source data.

In the context of this challenge, I focus on problem scenarios where there is a semantic mismatch between mostly unstructured source data and structured target data. My research enables the engineering of sophisticated data processing pipelines for these scenarios which can tackle non-trivial issues with respect to integrating data from different sources, transforming data to more suitable granularities or more explicit representations, and augmenting data with additional data points and properties. This is a challenging aspect of data engineering, and solutions rely on recent methods for facilitating semantic enrichment like natural language processing, information extraction, crowd computing, or AI-driven data analysis.

I chose several application domains for validating my research, focusing on domains where data produced by humans needs to be analyzed and processed. These domains typically exhibit a strong semantic and structural mismatch between available and desired data, and thus are effective testing grounds for my research. Examples are digital libraries and enterprise digital text repositories, online education information systems, and information systems for supporting digital humanities research.


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Research theme: Data Management & Engineering and Crowd Computing & Human-Centered AI

Visiting address:
Building 28
Room -
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE Delft
The Netherlands