I'm currently involved in teaching the following courses:

  • TI1500 (Ba 1) Web en Databasetechnologie, 4EC, period 2
  • TI2500 (Ba 2) Informatie en Datamodellern, 4EC, period 3
  • IN4331 (Ma) Web Data Management, 5EC, period 4

Courses I have taught earlier:

  • IN4325: Information Retrieval, 5EC, period 3
  • IN4326: Seminar Web Information Systems, 5EC, period 1
  • IN2105: Databases, 5EC, period 1

Other organizational activities within TUDelft:

  • Library representative for departments 2 (Mediamatics) and 5 (Software and Computer Technology)
  • Mastercoordinator for the Information Architecture track 
Jan Hidders