Jan Hidders does research on the following subjects:

  • Scalable querying of distributed ontologies
  • Languages and models for adaptive hypermedia
  • Scientific workflow management systems
  • RDF data management
  • RDF data integration
  • Big Data: scalable integration, transformation and analysis

He has worked in the past on the following subjects:

  • Business workflows: The equivalence of workflows, access-rule based workflow specifications, the relationship between workflows specifications and case dossier data structures.
  • Scientific workflows: Formalisms for describing and reasoning over scientific workflows.
  • XQuery/XPath: Formal semantics. Query optimization. Expressive power.
  • Lightweight ontology reasoning and data integration.
  • Concurrency management for documents

Organizational work

In the past he has organized:

He is also the organizer of the DeCWIS colloquium.

International projects

He has worked / is working on the following projects:

  • GRAPPLE an EU FP7 STREP project. GRAPPLE stands for "Generic Responsive Adaptive Personalized Learning Environment"
  • ImREAL an EU FP7 STREP project. ImREAL stands for "Immersive Reflective Experience-based Adaptive Learning"

 Current research projects:

  • RDFGears a project focusing a building an RDF data integration workbench with a visual data integration interface
  • SEEQR a project focusing on indexing and querying massive RDF data sets
Jan Hidders