WIS & IA Education

TU Delft students can of course find all information on education in Blackboard.

Master courses

  • IN4252: Web Science & Engineering, 5 ECTS, teacher: Geert-Jan Houben, period: 1+2
  • IN4325: Information Retrieval, 5 ECTS, teacher: Alessandro Bozzon, period: 3
  • IN4326: Seminar Web Information Systems, 5 ECTS, teacher: Geert-Jan Houben, period: 1
  • IN4331: Web Data Management, 5 ECTS, teacher: Christoph Lofi, period: 4

Bachelor courses 

  • TI1506: Web and Database Technology, 5 ECTS, teachers: Alessandro Bozzon and Claudia Hauff, period 2. First year course in TI.
  • TI2506: Information and Data Modeling, 5 ECTS, teacher: Christoph Lofi, period 3. Second year course in TI.
  • TI2736-B: Big Data Processing, 5 ECTS, teachers: Georgios Gousios and Claudia Hauff. Second year course in TI. 

Master specialisation

Master students who like to do a specialisation in WIS are encouraged to select Web Science & Engineering, Information Retrieval, and Seminar Web Information Systems (possibly in their second year). In any case, for help in composing a program, students can always contact Geert-Jan Houben for advice and help.

Special programme within the MSc Computer Science

WIS also coordinates (in collaboration with TPM) the special programme Information Architecture that MSc Computer Science students can choose to follow.