The UDISW 2010 is jointly held with the VISSW workshop. The tentative joint schedule is (here).



Nowadays, people leave their marks at a multitude of applications distributed across the Web: They share their bookmarks in Delicious, fill in profiles at social networking services such as Facebook and Orkut, browse and buy products on Amazon, search with Google and Yahoo and interact with diverse other sites for information and services. This distributed and heterogeneous corpus of user data is a valuable source of information for systems that aim for personalization and user adaptation. With the advent of Web 2.0, Semantic Web as well as initiatives such as Linked Data initiative and the Data Portability project, there is hope to bridge the interoperability gap so that the Web itself can serve as a homogeneous knowledge infrastructure.

Target Audience

This workshop aims to bring together academic and industrial researchers and practitioners in the fields of Intelligent User Interfaces, Interaction Systems, Social Media, Semantic Web, User Modeling, and Personalization in order to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge, open research issues, applications, and experiences for common benefit.


The workshop will tackle challenges posed by user modeling beyond application boundaries, including, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Aggregation and integration of distributed user data and profiles
  • Smart mashup interfaces
  • Techniques for visualizing distributed user data
  • User interfaces enabling maintenance of distributed user profiles
  • Inter-system scrutability of user profiles
  • Semantic methods for exchanging user profiles
  • Intertwining social networking services
  • Studies assessing the use of external/public user data for personalization
  • Applications demonstrating intermixing of user profiles from different sources


Paper submission

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Program Committee

  • Liliana Ardissono (University of Torino, Italy)
  • Lora Aroyo (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Shlomo Berkovsky (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Peter Brusilovsky (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Francesca Carmagnola (University of Torino, Italy)
  • Federica Cena (University of Torino, Italy)
  • Florian Daniel (University of Trento, Italy)
  • Philipp Cimiano (Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands)
  • Vania Dimitrova (University of Leeds, UK)
  • Dominikus Heckmann (DFKI, Germany)
  • Mizuho Iwaihara (Waseda University, Japan)
  • Milos Kravcik (Open Universiteit Nederland, the Netherlands)
  • Daniel Olmedilla (Telefonica R&D, Spain)
  • Tsvi Kuflik (University of Haifa, Israel)
  • Francesco Ricci (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
  • Daniel Schwabe (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Sergey Sosnovsky (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Michael Yudelson (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Workshop Organizers

Nicola Henze
Geert-Jan Houben
Fabian Abel
Samur Araujo

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Important Dates

2009-12-15 Full & short paper submission deadline (23:59 pm Hawaiian time (GMT-10))
2010-01-05 Notification of acceptance
2010-01-15 Camera ready version
2010-02-07 UDISW 2010 workshop day

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